The world's first truly decentralized exchange

SpaceDEX trading engine is built basing on the underlying DEX protocol of Tequila public chain, and provides powerful decentralized high concurrent processing and safe transaction capabilities with the heterogeneous relay chain and super smart contract, and realizes the first truly decentralized matching trading platform. Down

Decentralized trading platform

SpaceDEX is built based on the Substrate technical framework, led by the SPACE Foundation, and participated by many overseas venture capital and institutions. Its core technical team is composed of the core developers of Boca, global geek tribes and decentralized organizations.

the best choice for digital asset trading

  • · Asset decentralization
  • · Data is public on the chain
  • · Code is law
  • · 7*24 trading
Roadmap Planning
March 2021

Launch the curve consensus pricing contract, recruit the first batch of consensus members to jointly participate in the curve consensus pricing.

April 2021

Launch the SpaceDEX contract section as a whole, formally run the "three-core four-driven", and formally start the SpaceDEX

Q2, 2021

Release the SpaceDEX V2, formally start decentralized digital asset transaction, formally start the decentralized digital assets transaction, launch the SpaceDEX Star Games, solicit DEX ecological projects all over the world, formally launch ~ETH, TRON relay cross-chain bridge v2!Officially release SpaceDEX TRC20 protocol standard, officially release SpaceDEX TRC721 protocol standard.

Q3, 2021

Launch the decentralized OTC trading DAPP, and at the same time, launch its governance token in SpaceDEX, trade the tokens of 1-2 ecology projects on the chain.

Q4, 2021

SpaceDEX oracle, polymerizer, loan and other projects are officially launched, creating SpaceDEX super DeFi ecosystem infrastructure, and tokens of 3-4 DeFi ecology project are traded on the chain.


Upgrade the business of SpaceDEX OTCv2 trading system,Open the contract trading system to provide contract trading services for advanced traders. Launch and run the SpaceDEX funding platform online, establish a funding economic model to provide economic income and expenditure solutions for traders, investors, guarantors, etc.


Focus on the physical industry, propose decentralized solutions in various fields such as finance, insurance, supply chain, agriculture, and use decentralized digital asset transactions as the link to promote the reform of the physical industry chain, accelerate the implementation of blockchain entities, and rank Top3 among the global decentralized trading platforms.

  • Anonymity

    Identity authentication is not required for the users, the key is the identification mark

  • Market Transparency

    All transaction records in SpaceDEX can be queried and traced, so as to prevent black-box operations.

  • Asset Control

    User assets on SpaceDEX do not need to be custodial, users' assets are 100% stored on the chain and are completely at the disposal of individuals

  • Asset Risk Management

    SpaceDEX uses blockchain technology to realize asset management, which is safe, reliable, trustless, and removes the influence of human factors

  • No Backdoor

    SpaceDEX is a pure smart contract DAPP, there is no management background, SpaceDEX is 100% governed by DAO

SpaceDEX Protocol - Heterogeneous Cross-chain Technology
SpaceDEX Token - SPT

SpaceDEX Token




SPT is the governance token of SpaceDEX, which can be used for transaction fees, processing of currency listing applications, applications for the use of DEX protocols, applications for wallet advertising spaces, etc.

SpaceDEX Bond - SPB

SpaceDEX Bond Token




SPB is issued by SpaceDEX Treasury. SpaceDEX Treasury is a smart contract that issues and accepts SPB bonds to regulate and stabilize the price of SPT.

SpaceDEX Governance Token - SPS

SpaceDEX Governance Token




The total number of SPS issued is 21 million, of which 3 million are the base coins, and the remaining 18 million are minted according to the mining mechanism, with a maximum daily output of 9,000.

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